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Professional REALTOR®, leet software developer, artistic web designer, and passionate musician. I earned my Computer Science and Information Systems masters degree from Saginaw Valley State University and an Industrial and Operations Engineering degree for my ungraduate study at the University of Michigan. An organized and quick learner, I am able to adapt and push the barriers with my DIY attitude. I have many portfolio projects, all a conglomeration of handyman remodeling work, software projects, and websites that I have created and maintained.

Software Developer, Web Developer, Handyman, & Musician

Currently seeking a position in software development to further pursue a career related to Computer Science

I am a gamer at heart. Also a nerd. But those things don't make me unrealistic of course. I live up to all my past and responsibilities and can say that I have accomplished so much in my life already. I have learned skills that I have never dreamed of learning.

Coding, drywalling, painting, playing Chopin's most beautiful Ballades, and creating amazing webpages, I feel like I still have so much more to learn.


Here are some number facts about me.

Coding Languages

5-Star Badges in HackerRank

Kyu Rank in CodeWars

Houses Remodeled


Here are the skills that I have and the percent familiarity I have with each:

HTML 90%
JavaScript 80%
CSS 75%
Bootstrap/WordPress/CMS 90%
SQL 60%
Java 90%
C++ 80%
C# 80%
Visual Basic 70%
PHP 50%


Here is my resume for your viewing pleasure. I will come back and update this every so often. You can also download the PDF version here.


Michael Mark

Motivated and hard-working, I am seeking a position in software development to further expand my career with my Computer Science and Information Systems masters degree. An organized and quick learner, I am able to adapt and push the barriers with my DIY attitude.



C#, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB, Python, Visual Basic, HTML/CSS/PHP, SQL


Visual Studio Professional 2022, VS Code, Eclipse IDE, MATLAB, Microsoft Suite

Environments / Frameworks

Git, GitHub, Azure DevOps, .NET 8, ASP.NET Core MVC, WPF, IBM EWM


MS of Computer Science & Information Systems

2019 - 2021

Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, MI

BSE of Industrial & Operations Engineering


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Factory design, supply chain management, LEAN concepts, workflow optimization



December 2022 – Present

Embedded Software Engineer II

  • Utilized MATLAB and Simulink to create Design Models for AUTOSAR embedded components related to steering
  • Hand-wrote SWIFT-level code in C based on Design Requirements and tested the code with bug finder and code prover
  • Performed both testing and simulation using MIL and SIL tools to verify the integrity between model and code
  • Maintained and updated internal tools and libraries by addressing inquiries and releasing new updates with documentation
  • Developed a tools in C# ASP.NET Core MVC and WPF to standardize several processes


April 2020 – May 2021

Contact Tracing via Cell Phone LTE log data

  • Worked together as a team to create realistic contact tracing using only LTE log data to preserve user privacy
  • Used algorithms to optimize path finding, such as Dijkstra’s algorithm, Binary Matrices, and the A* method
  • Simulated 1000 paths in multiple tests using only LTE log data
  • Mainly coded using MATLAB but also used Java, C++, and Python for algorithm testing and optimization

Self-Employed Landlord

2009 – Present
  • Invested in over 35 investment properties in the Saginaw County area after the 2008 Mortgage Crisis
  • Quickly learned carpentry, plumbing, and electrical skills for remodeling and repairs
  • Joined the Saginaw Landlords Association in 2015 and screened all tenants meticulously
  • Learned everything about real estate, including obtaining REALTOR licensure under Berkshire Hathaway
  • Gained access to the entire Michigan Multiple Listing Service system (MLS) – better than Zillow

University of Michigan LSAIT


Computer Technician

  • Serviced and repaired all the computers at the University of Michigan LS&A College


Here is the mess of my life. Click on the headers to sort it all for me. Thank you.

  • All
  • Software
  • Web
  • Handy



Wendy Chu Piano


Paint House

Spray Painting

Calc Quiz

Quiz App

Sheet Library

JavaFX Project




Hardwood Stairs




Basement Floor



Binary Calculator



Basement Stairs

More Flooring

Flooring Galore


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